Using Google Mobility and Trend data to determine structural changes in the industry

By Hongguin Kim, Evgeny Aleksandrov, and Ryan Young

Just a year ago, food delivery services were struggling financially. But as 2020 progressed (and much of the economy regressed), these companies saw much needed boosts.

With stay-at-home orders imposed and in-person dining shut down to varying degrees throughout the country, there was a food delivery demand shock last spring. And as the pandemic has subsisted, there continues to be more reliance on these services.

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By March 8th, the US recorded 57,516 new daily cases of COVID-19. Compared to January 9th, which recorded 251,303 daily cases, the number dropped by 77%.

There could be many reasons to explain this dramatic drop in the number of daily cases, but many experts point out that vaccination distribution has been one of the biggest drivers.

As the below chart shows, daily Covid-19 vaccine doses administered in the US are increasing rapidly. Daily vaccine doses administered on March 8th are more than 2.1M.

Business Understanding

Cross-selling is frequently used marketing strategy many companies practice these days. The main goal of cross-selling is to increase revenue from the existing customers by selling different product-lines. Especially, finance companies, which offers a number of different services, actively implement cross-selling strategy. JP Morgan Chase bank case would be a great example. It not only provides bank service but also promote credit card and insurance services to its existing customers. Cross-selling could be a cost efficient business tool because companies can use preexisting customer database. Moreover, customers tend to show less resistence toward the brand they already associate…

When I first came to the US, one of the most difficult tasks was to buy a car. This was because I had so many options to choose from; from brand new expensive German cars to used Japanese cars with reasonable prices. Also, I had to consider whether the given prices were appropriate. There were sources like Truecar and Carmax, but they didn’t give exact clues how they came up with those price-tags! This made me wonder what if there were models that could give good estimation of car prices. …

Hongguin J. Kim

Duke University, Fuqua School of Business

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